Multi-Asset and Cross-Chain Trading

A common challenge for new and even experienced DeFi users is trying to make transactions between unpaired assets or differing chains. This typically involves multiple step workarounds that often require the use of exchanges and associated fees, which can inhibit the true purpose of trading exclusively on DeFi. Even with a DeFi chain, users are often footing the bill for gas fees associated with exchanging assets in order to actually buy the asset they seek, which is costly and can waste precious time when trying to make a trade. For the vast majority of these circumstances, GigaSwap has you covered.
GigaSwap will be covering the most popular and high-volume chains for trading multiple assets across multiple chains in a single execution. On Day 1, GigaSwap will cover the entire spectrum of Ethereum assets which include ERC-20, ERC-721 (NFT), ERC-777, and ERC-1155. Are you trading to BSC or Polygon? GigaSwap will have you covered there as well and this functionality will follow within a month after the platform has gone live.