Low Liquidity Trading and ''Chart Protection''

The DeFi Space is full of low liquidity options that carry a high risk / reward ratio which entices many speculative traders. Outside of the inherent risk of any investment in a low liquidity asset, traders on the open market need to battle against price impact, unscrupulous whales or top holders, front-running bots, and even excessive buy/sell transaction taxes on the contract itself.
GigaSwap mitigates risk in all the above by allowing users to circumvent these risk areas by allowing a direct transaction between a current holder and a prospective buyer. This is a classic win/win where the seller of a large holding can sleep well knowing that they did not harm the chart (OTC trades are transfers and do not show as a buy or sell) and subsequently the remainder of their holdings, and the buyer avoids getting front-run by a bot or losing liquidity due to high price impact. Both win by circumventing the buy/sell tax as a significant number of contracts do not tax transfers.