How to create an OTC Pair

  1. 1.
    Click on the yellow button in the header to create a trade
2. Ensure the Fractional trading option is enabled
3. In the lower list of parameters, set the option Price type: Dynamic (OTC)
3. Choose the asset you wish to trade by clicking the token (ETH will be there as default) and opening up the window.
4. In the window that appears, select the token you are looking for or paste the contract address into the search box. To select a token, simply click on it.
5. Enter the number of tokens that you wish to trade in the OTC pair in the input field and press "+" to add a token to the pair
6. Repeat the same procedure with the second token
7. For a liquidity lock, click on the "lock liquidity" parameter and select the date of how long you wish to lock the liquidity. To set taxes on each of the tokens in a pair, use the Assets' fees parameter. Click Continue.
8. Review the selected settings and ensure you are happy to proceed. You can also change the name of the pair that will be displayed in the list of trades. Click Create and make transactions to create a pair in the blockchain.
9. Once the pair has been created, you can easily copy the trade link and share directly to Telegram
10. After creating a pair, anyone can trade on the pair page.
11. Once unlocked, you can withdraw all your tokens from the pair by clicking 'withdraw assets' and burning all liquidity tokens on the pair