OTC Marketplace

GigaSwap will make it easy to find trading partners and simplify the development and agreement of terms amongst parties while eliminating the frustration of crossing chains.
The GigaSwap dApp will allow its users on a verified network of traders to create listings of any asset that is on a supported chain and specify a quantity and price, either as a standalone listing or a grouping (e.g. selling multiple NFT’s). This can be listed publicly or to securely execute a previously negotiated transaction privately.
The application will combine simplicity with configurability so that the majority of circumstances are covered without making it too complicated for the simplest: I have x, you would like to buy for y, let’s do it.
Whether you’re in the day trading war room staring at monitor #4 of 9 or at the beach on a mobile device, the transactions you create and execute are guaranteed and secure.